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direct link

  • 2016-12-03 16:32:07

    direct link

    How can i get a direct link on file that in at_content/file_storage folder?

  • 2016-12-04 10:04:36

    Re: direct link

    For security reasons, you cannot link to files directly outside of the file storage utility.

  • 2016-12-04 11:40:12

    Re: direct link

    ok, how can i generate download link without using chekboxes if i know file id?

  • 2016-12-04 12:55:16

    Re: direct link

    A download URL would look something like the following, changing up the values to those of the file you want to be downloadable:


    The easiest way to generate this URL, is to edit an image in File Storage, the view the source of the image in the edit screen, and copy its URL. Then adjust the values to match those of the file you want students to download.

  • 2016-12-04 14:16:21

    Re: direct link

    Thanks! It's the best solution for me. And the last question: what url to download folder (without chekboxes)?

  • 2016-12-05 09:02:36

    Re: direct link

    There is no option to download a folder.