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Some questions from beginner

  • 2016-10-27 10:49:59

    Some questions from beginner

    Dear support team.
    We are choosing the LMS system for our math site. And would like to clearify some details about ATutor:
    1. Is it possible to install it on the virtual private servers (VPS) with 2 Gb RAM/10 GB HDD and php with mysql (standart hosting)?
    2. Is there features or possibilities to make various tests or quizzes?
    3. May the tests or articles be accessed without registration and login in?
    4. So if the anonymous access is possible, will the tests or quizzes be indexed by google? In other words may the be reachedable via search engines?
    Best regards
    Grigorii Andreev

  • 2016-10-27 11:11:58

    Re: Some questions from beginner

    1. Yes ATutor will run VPS 2Gb RAM/10 GB HDD, though that depends on the number of students you expect to access the course at a time. 2GB might allow a couple hundred simultaneous connections, or a couple thousand students taking your course at the same time. If you are expecting more, I'd suggest more RAM. 10 GB HDD will be plenty, assuming you are not uploading lots of large videos into your course, but instead linking out to them on YouTube or Vimeo, etc.
    2. Yes, test and quizzes can be created
    3. Yes, if a test is setup to allow guest access (otherwise no.)
    4. No. Tests are not indexed by search engine