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Exporting course as zip file does not include files

  • 2016-07-31 19:16:29

    Exporting course as zip file does not include files


    I have 2 atutor websites, as the old one got too old and I could not upgrade.

    I've exported courses using Export zip file, Export Content Package. When I open it in another atutor site, the Atutor files do not transfer? Do you have suggestion on the most efficient way to transfer courses from atutor to another atutor site? Thanks.

    If you are asking for help, provide lots of detail so problems can be reproduced.

    Things to describe:
    Operating system ATutor is installed on -
    ATutor version -
    Patch #s applied -
    ATutor theme name -
    PHP version -
    MySQL version -
    Webserver & version -
    Copies of error messages -
    Changes to default settings -
    Web browser being used -
    ...and anything else relevant -

  • 2016-08-01 09:20:30

    Re: Exporting course as zip file does not include files.

    You are better off using the Manage>Backups tool if you are using an older ATutor version, then uploading those backups into the new site through the same tool and restoring there. It would be a bit time consuming though for 50 courses, as it would need to be done course by course.

    What version of ATutor are you working with. You should be able to upgrade from about 1.4.3, as I recall, to the current version. That would be the most efficient way. Prior to that, upgrade in two steps to 1.6, then to the current version may work, though some of the older ATutor code may not work with newer versions of php.

    Be sure to have a backup of your database if you are attempting to upgrade.