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browse courses stopped working

  • 2016-07-03 20:58:34

    browse courses stopped working

    I started to create a new course (in the update 2-2.2)

    It was all very well; the course was creating looked good; even in the editing content appeared the "forum" button in the editor that has disappeared in the course already created with version 2.2.1. But it has stopped working tab "browse courses" giving a blank page.

    The solution to disable the tab with "system preferences" from the administration panel is not a desired solution. I find no reason for it has stopped working because everything else is "normal".

    Any suggestions to solve the problem?

    Things to describe:

    Operating system ATutor is installed on -
    ATutor version - 2.2.2
    ATutor theme name - Blumin
    PHP version - 5.3.3
    MySQL version - 5.1.73
    Webserver & version - Linux 2.6.32-504.1.3.el6.x86_64

    Best Regards,


  • 2016-07-04 09:46:52

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    I am not able to reprodcue the Browse Courses problem. It seems to work as it should on our installations.

    Perhaps chack your system's php_error.log and see if there are clues there.

  • 2016-07-07 13:53:28

    Re: browse courses stopped working


    I have asked my hosting provider to make a complete elimination of everything that was related to ATutor (databases, directories and files) and review all server configuration to ensure that I could make a fresh installation without traces of old mistakes.

    2.2.2 ATutor installation has worked. But the "Browse Courses" tab does not work. I tried Chrome, Firefox on 3 different computers. It is not a problem of browsers cache.

    I see that it works in your demo site.

    There could be an error in the installation file "ATutor-2.2.2.tar.gz (as well as the correction to be applied

    I have not made any changes to any file or directory ATutor; I have not imported content or language packs. Everything is in its original form. All directories and files have the correct permissions.

    I just renamed the directory "ATutor" a "classroom"; the installation URL is:

    Please, I beg you review the problem and analyze if there is a solution. this has never happened in previous versions.

    Things to describe:
    Operating system ATutor is installed on -
    ATutor version - 2.2.2
    Patch #s applied - none
    ATutor theme name - ATutor
    PHP version - 5.3.3
    MySQL version - 5.1.73
    Webserver & version - Linux 2.6.32-504.1.3.el6.x86_64
    Copies of error messages - Tab "Browse Courses" to blank page
    Changes to default settings - No
    Web browser being used -

    Thank you very much,

    Best Regards,


  • 2016-07-07 14:25:49

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    Please look into your error log after loading the browse page.

    We have installed dozens of ATutor 2.2.2 with no problems.

    Just to confirm, when you uploaded the new ATutor, did you unpack before uploading to the server, and upload file by file, or after, uploading the ATutor bundle and unpacking on the server?

  • 2016-07-07 15:15:22

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    Thanks, Greg.

    I'm using ATutor since 2005, as expressed in my public testimony in

    I am grateful to your development and I appreciate your effort.

    In all these years I have done many installations of different versions of ATutor and always have been solving problems.

    As always, carefully follow the installation procedure.

    1) Download ATutor-2.2.2.tar.gz

    2) I make the database (according to the procedure of my hosting with plesk)

    3) I do directory httpdocs/content

    4) Upload with FTP (Filezilla) to my vps (/httpdocs) the file ATutor-2.2.2.tar.gz

    5) With "Putty", use the command "tar -zxvf ATutor-2.2.2.tar.gz"

    6) Change the name of directory "httpdocs/ATutor" to "httpdocs/aula"

    7) Procedure as indicated in (because I use the base created under "2")

    7) In my browser (Chrome) start the process as a new facility in

    7) All is completed Ok! "Done!".

    I do not change anything. I checked if this time work "Browse Courses" and goes to a blank page.

    I created very simple "course" (3 pages and a directory) to rule the problem is that there is no course created but follows the error.

    "Dissable" the tab it is not the desired solution because we need who access the site (whether or not registered, whether or not students) can see the courses we offer.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,


  • 2016-07-07 15:56:51

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    The only way I can help is to understand the error that caused the blank screen. You need to look at your php error log?

  • 2016-07-07 18:01:34

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    Thanks, Greg. I have asked the support of my hosting provider send to me the php error log of all activity vps. I receive it tomorrow and I'll forward to you.

  • 2016-07-08 06:42:07

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    I can send (upload it here as private) php log records all activity between 18:30 and 20 pm which is when I installed ATutor 2.2.2; are 28 pages A4

    But there is no error php. The technical service hosing ( tells me that the error is not a server error not recorded in the logs.

    I send you a copy of access_log with activity during the installation of ATutor?

  • 2016-07-08 08:43:47

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    You can send the log to info at atutor dot ca. Be sure the browse courses page was opened during the period the log covers

    Also send me a copy of the following files:

  • 2016-07-09 07:26:47

    Re: browse courses stopped working


  • 2016-07-09 08:51:51

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    I did not receive your email. The php file may have been striped by the spam filters

    I would suggest replacing those two files with fresh copies from the code repository.

    Be sure there is no extra spaces or lines after the final character in the code.

  • 2016-07-09 12:33:36

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    Unfortunately it did not solve the problem. The "Browse Courses" tab gives a blank page with Firefox, or to a page with the warning "HTTP ERROR 500" with Chrome although server logs sometimes appears sometimes code 500 or 404.

    I am attaching a screenshot of some lines in the log server activity, there are two IPs (IP 85... corresponds to my connection).

    I hope if you can give me some clue solution to forward it to my hosting provider.

    If you do not find the solution, I must override the preferences tab in ATutor because I start to rebuild the contents no later than next Tuesday.

    I hope that no other errors appear; always ATutor (for 11 years I use) has been improving its development... besides uncomfortable, this error is very strange.

    Best Regards,


  • 2016-07-09 13:11:21

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    The error log in the screenshot is the apache access log. The one you need to look at is the php_errors.log file.

    Sometimes it is not enabled by default. Your provider may need to turn it on, or there might be a way to turn it on in your site's cPanel.

    Based on what I see in the apache log, it would seem to be an issue with the server configuration. 404 means the file is not there, but obviously it is. It's also not finding the favicon.ico file, which is also obviously there.

    500 means the file is broken, which perhaps it is, if it was viewed on a windows system before loading it onto Linux. Windows sometimes inserts foreign characters that break PHP files, depending on what it's viewed with, typically windows end of line characters, instead of Linux based end of lines.

    If you leave the path to ATutor "ATutor/" instead of "aula/" does it help?

    Another option may be to host your courses on ATutorSpaces, free up to three courses. There we have full control over the server, and issues like this will not occur.

    Or, you can purchase a ticket, and we can login to your server and investigate.

  • 2016-07-09 15:32:00

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    Private 2

  • 2016-07-13 08:01:22

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    Please Greg

    What is the means payment of a bonus of $100,00 CAD PayPal or Bank Transfer? The site "" does not work.



  • 2016-07-15 08:58:35

    Re: browse courses stopped working

    okay. Donations are accepted, though the donate form was removed a while ago. You can donate using the ticket purchase. thanks