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student home page

  • 2016-05-17 11:51:27

    student home page

    In my aTutor the students "Start Page" is the same as their "My Courses" page. Is this correct? Or should there be a start page with some kind of control panel - the student tools, enrolled courses, messages, etc.
    It would be nice to have such a page, what would be involved in creating it?

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  • 2016-05-17 12:12:28

    Re: student home page

    My Start Page lists My Courses and [My] Current Activities. Is there something missing from that page you think should be on a "control panel" page? This is I suppose the control panel page. Its the page you are directed to if you are not accessing a course specifically.

    If you want you could change the My Start Page to My Courses Page, using the admin's language editor. You're welcome to customize as you see fit for your circumstance.

    Creating a "control panel" is more than we could discuss in a forum post. Doable, but not certain it would be useful beyond perhaps adding a few more tools to the My Start Page.

  • 2016-05-18 11:21:37

    Re: student home page

    Understood. As it is right now, the "My Courses" tab and the "My Start Page" link both open the same page (the same url) - a list of the enrolled courses. My thinking is that the "control panel" homepage "My Start Page" would have all the student tools, links to enrolled courses, calendar, blog, announcements, etc. and the "My Courses" page would be just that only, as it is now.

    I don't know how one would go about such a change as both have the same url right now. Obviously if they had different url's then modifying one and not the other would be easy. So I guess such a change is something only the developers would be able to do.

    I wonder if anyone else has any interest in such a control panel page...

  • 2016-05-18 12:37:56

    Re: student home page

    Its probably not something we'd be interested in doing.

    Student tools, as they are referred to in ATutor, are generally course related, so they would not appear on a control panel type page that is outside of a course. Other non-course related student tools, like the inbox, networking, calendar, announcements are already available from My Start Page through the tabs and Current Activities, so creating another page with these tools seems redundant.

    If you wanted to create a control panel for your own purposes, that could be done by creating a module, which would add a tab to My Start Page, which could be set as the default page that opens when a student logs in. As a module, it would not require major changes to the way things currently work. It could be added on for those want something other than the My Courses page that is currently the default.

    Have a look at the Module Developer Documentation, Accessible through the ATutor Handbook linked in the footer area of ATutor.