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Cant login

  • 2015-09-22 03:48:16

    Cant login

    Can't login!
    MyTutor/login.php returns #404

    Would re-installing over original installation create any damages / would it correct problems?
    If you are asking for help, provide lots of detail so problems can be reproduced.

    Things to describe:
    Operating system ATutor is installed on - Linux ... x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    ATutor version - 2.2
    Patch #s applied - all prior to move
    ATutor theme name - Whatever the default theme was!
    PHP version - 5.4.43
    MySQL version - 5.5.42
    Webserver & version - Apache 2.x
    Copies of error messages - 404
    Changes to default settings - none that I recalled, except for those prompted for!
    Web browser being used - Mozilla Firefox 40.0.3

    ...and anything else relevant -

  • 2015-09-22 07:18:25

    Re: Can't login?

    This sounds more like a webserver configuration issue. Take a look at the apache logs after attempting to login. They might give you some more information.

    I would not reinstall, but you could manually replace the files, be sure to preserve the content/ directory and the /include/ file

  • 2015-09-23 01:39:23

    Re: Can't login?

    Access to Apache logs, limited - in a shared environment:

    I think the problem is with the plugin -
    "External Database Authentication Reloaded"
    Recommended to create a single authorization for AContent, ATutor and WordPress, if my understanding of it is correct.

    Any expertise with that?

  • 2015-09-23 10:17:22

    Re: Can't login?

    On the one hand "External Database Authentication Reloaded" is supposed, it is claimed, to only impact the admin function of WordPress and not ATutor, and if disabled which it is, to not have any effect, everything reverts to normal.

    When I insert a generic 'index.html' file in the ATutor directory the URL points to it - remove it and the index.php / login.php are lost. Both files when compared to the equivalent files from a fresh tarball are identical:(?). Actually, those as well as the content.php files are the same as in the fresh tarball.

    Are there other files I should look at, just for the mere login procedure(s);


  • 2015-09-23 10:46:35

    Re: Can't login?

    If you are trying to integrate Wordpress into ATutor, the module will likely need updating with a newer version of the external database mod for Wrodpress. The one included with the module is old.

    Make sure ATutor is working correctly before attempting an integration.

  • 2015-09-23 22:36:15

    Re: Can't login?

    NOPE! NOT trying to integrate Wordpress into ATutor
    That was achieved earlier

    (i) Something might have gotten broken or "External Database Authentication Reloaded" detached itself, I do not know. I am running the latest version, v.1.2.3
    (ii) This broken state gummed up several other features on the site so I deactivated it.

    Now I cannot login to ATutor at all; Neither ATutor/admin nor anything related. The URL points directly to a #404 error page; no prompt, or Course info page.

    The URL seems to work just fine.

    An expanded tar file of ATutor-2.2-test.tar showed no apparent or obvious deviation in structure, directory/file locations etc. {except for the install directory removed after installation}. I am at wit's end!

    My earlier querry about "re-installing over original installation" should have appended "even as an upgrade?".
    Was thinking of just replacing the 'install' directory/files and run it as an upgrade, hoping that that would correct any discrepancies which obviously exist.


  • 2015-09-24 09:29:54

    Re: Can't login?

    i) Not sure what you are referring to here. v1.2.3 is not a current version, of ATutor or AContent. The words "External Database Authentication Reloaded" comes from Wordpress, or the ATutor Wordpress module, not from ATutor or AContent itself.

    ii) If its directing to a 404, your web server is likely misconfigured. Make sure index.php is listed as a DirectoryIndex in the Apache config file. You may need to ask you sysadmin to do this.

    What gummed up features, what did you deactivate?

    See the requirements and confirm they are all met:

    If by reinstalling you mean starting over with a fresh install, assuming your ATutor is not currently production, delete everything and start over.

    I realize you don't have access to your server logs, but that is where the answers are going to be. Perhaps have your sysadmin send you a copy of a current log, and scan through them for 404 errors to see where they are originating from.

  • 2015-09-29 03:47:38

    Re: Can't login?

    My students and I had the same problem. No login. I clicked the "Home" tab, re-entered my user name and password, problem solved.