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IMS with Articulate and Lectora

  • 2015-06-20 14:41:41

    IMS with Articulate and Lectora


    I am brand new to Atutor. I have a question about IMS. I note that the SCORM package is no longer being maintained and that Atutor is moving to IMS.

    I would like to use Articulate or Lectora to develop materials and upload them to Atutor. But... as far as I can tell, these systems do not support IMS. What am I to do? Is there any way of packaging lessons as IMS?

    Thanks for any help

  • 2015-06-22 13:17:05

    Re: IMS with Articulate and Lectora

    You can typically export from these systems in HTML5 format, or as a Flash object, which can be embedded in ATutor pages using the markup they provide.

    You would upload the content into the ATutor File Manager, paste the markup generated by Articulate or Lectora into an ATutopr content page, then adjust the path in the markup to point to the file(s) you've uploaded.

  • 2015-06-24 11:12:27

    Re: IMS with Articulate and Lectora

    Does that mean SCORM 1.2 version courses cannot be imported in aTutor LMS?

  • 2015-06-24 11:39:00

    Re: IMS with Articulate and Lectora

    SCORM 1.2 structure is based on IMS, so you may be able to import it using the content manager's Import feature. You'll only likely get parts of the SCORM SCO this way however.

    Another way would be to update the old SCORM package to work with the newer version of ATutor. This essentially involves replacing any mysql related queries with the newer queryDB() function. Details on doing that are described in the developer docs.

    I have seen many Lectora/Articulate content packages in ATutor, so with a little manual effort you should be able to use them. Never done it myself though. I'd suggest experimenting.

  • 2015-06-24 17:23:02

    Re: IMS with Articulate and Lectora

    Thank you for your comments Greg.

    I am sure that Lectora/Articulate can be imported into ATutor. The point is to maintain the SCORM record-keeping functionality.

    I did try importing a SCORM package and did so with no errors. However when trying to run it, nothing loaded. So... upgrading the SCORM plugin may be a possibility but may also require work (not just once but to keep it up to date).

    In the end the point is that I have not yet committed to ATutor. I like it a lot but it needs to be manageable in our context. Let's see.

    Thanks again

  • 2015-06-25 13:20:18

    Re: IMS with Articulate and Lectora

    Yes, the SCORM module is going to require a little work. Whether you choose to continue maintaining it is up to you.

    SCORM is not something the core team maintains, but we're happy to have it as a community contribution. Just an update so it will work with ATutor 2.2+ I'm sure would be appreciated by many. You can attach your name/org to it for a little recognition.