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Prerequisite exams

  • 2015-01-27 16:47:43

    Prerequisite exams


    I know that content can be made prerequisite but can exams be made prerequisite.

    eg. Exam 1 must be completed with a mark of 100% before exam 2 can be attempted and exam 1 and 2 must have a mark of 100% before attempting exam 3 and so on.

    Thank for your reply in advance.

    Jim Barnes

  • 2015-01-27 17:49:55

    Re: Prerequisite exams

    Create a folder and select the prerequisite test below in the folder properties form.

    Set the pass score in a test's properties.

    Anything you want to hide before the test is passed, can go in that folder, including content pages with tests attached.

  • 2015-01-27 18:36:57

    Re: Prerequisite exams

    Hello Greg

    Thanks for the reply but:

    Nope, totally lost :)

    When you say create a folder I presume you are not talking about the file manager.

    If you wouldn't mind could you give me a few more hints as to how to do what it is you are suggesting.

    Thank You Sir

    Jim Barnes