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New user email

  • 2014-10-07 06:40:50

    New user email

    When creating a new user account, ATutor immediately emails the student with an auto email before I have a chance to send an email with their password for logging in - which means we often get a call from the find out what their password is. Is there a way to stop this email? I'm sure I have stopped this in the past but they have started to send out again.
    Thanks for your help

  • 2014-10-07 09:11:13

    Re: New user email

    If you add a student to a course with the enrollment manager, and register them that way, they'll get sent a login name and password.

    I'll make a note to either send the pwd when an admin creates an account, and an option not to mail the student.

  • 2014-10-10 17:46:00

    Re: New user email

    Hi Greg, thanks for your response

    An option not to mail the student would be useful as it then places control over this into our hands. Look forward to seeing this addition.