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ATutor 22 Release

  • 2014-08-24 18:15:51

    ATutor 22 Release

    **ATutor 2.2 Release**
    Aug 25, 2014

    We're happy to announce that ATutor 2.2 has been released. This is a major release with many new features and enhancements. Current users should upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of new security features. For a detailed list of changes, visit the ATutor Changelog. View the demo to try the new features, and download ATutor to install or upgrade.

    *ATutor 2.2 Changes*

    *ATutor 2.2 Demo*

    *ATutor 2.2 Download*

    **New in ATutor 2.2**

    *Course Manage Toolbar*: Instructors can now enable the course manage toolbar to slide in context sensitive tools for managing course content, tests, forums, course properties, and more. Provides quick access to tools from the front end student view in ATutor

    *Responsive Themes*: ATutor themes now adapt automatically to various screen resolutions and various device windows.

    *Content Editor Accessibility Tab*: The AChecker accessibility tab has been added to the content editor, which produces accessibility reports displayed natively within ATutor.

    *Forum Updates*: Forums have been streamlined with a new "topic" approach to forum communication, replacing the previous "thread" approach.

    *Calendar Module*: Thanks to Herat Ghandi from our 2012 Google Summer of Code students, who created a very functional Calendar module for ATutor, which is now added as a standard module. Integrates seamlessly with Google calendars. Keep track of test and assignment dates, personal events, and more.

    *WAI-ARIA Enhancements*: A variety of WAI-ARIA enhancements have been added to improve the user experience for those navigating ATutor with a screen reader.

    *New Default Theme*: As with all major releases, a new theme has been added, with floating tool bars, switches to enable/disable course manage tools, and to switch between mobile and responsive themes when viewing ATutor on a mobile device, and a new collapsible sub-navigation bar. Custom themes will need to be updated for this release. See the 21to22_update_css.css file in the themes directory of ATutor 2.2 for details on quickly updating themes.

    *Course Manage Tools Update*: The instructors course management tools screen has been redesigned, with a new layout and icons for visual enhancement.

    *Database Abstraction*: All mysql database queries in ATutor have been replaced with the new queryDB() function, and support for mysqli has been added. ATutor now adapts to work with other databases.

    *Lots of other minor enhancements*: See the Mantis ChangeLog for additional details on changes in this release